ORR Flight Computer Project

One of the first activities we did with ORR was to set up the flight survey submission page to see if we could begin to collate some data on rocketry activity, but we also were aware that it might prove a point that submission forms after a days flying is not particularly fun or going to guarantee a high dataset! It got us thinking, what if there was a push to design and build an opensource flight computer for rocketry? A logging altimeter with dual deployment as a minimum that returns data to an open online database that people can use to compare their own, and other user flight data? It has some fascinating use cases, for example inter rocketry club competitions would be easy to administer and verify, academics in research rocketry could, for example, undertake flights with a particular recovery system design and after a day in the field have all the data collated and to hand. A person considering a particular rocket kit, or particular motor configuration could check out their performance on the database. If we really allow the imagination to run wild, we could update our online calculators for recovery system design parameters with live crowdsourced data, or, even generatively design optimal rockets by plugging data into open design tools. In simpler application it would be great to also get a more collated view of rocketry around the world in terms of low, mid, high power and research rocketry launch figures alone.

So this is really a call for people to get involved, currently this repo is empty but has a collection of thoughts from a few early ORR contributors on features, use cases, a concept draft schema, and other bits and pieces to try and start us off. Feel free to contribute, raise ideas as issues and comment directly in the gitlab project here


We have a general chat room and a specific chat for the flight computer project set up on riot, go to https://about.riot.im/ and then search for openresearchrocketry.