Update on ORR February 2020

Wanted to provide an update on the current state of play with Open Rocketry Research. Whilst activity may seem low there is actually a heap of activity going on behind the scenes. The major bit of work is we are working with Wales Co-operative Centre and they are helping us with business planning and company formation. It's certain that the company will be a non profit with a community interest and whilst the actual business type (CIC, Non profit LTD etc) isn't completely decided upon yet, the plan is that it's aiming to get to a position where our non profit commercial projects financially support the delivery of STEM/STEAM work in rocketry across a range of educational environments.

We are also currently meeting with and bringing on board a small number of directors who will bring some scrutiny to our activities and a heap of skills and experience across a range of related fields. We are continuing to work on the various projects we want to announce when the company is launched, some of these are hardware products, some are data related, some are research related but of course all are rocket related! There are of course some plans around sponsored research rocket launches and much more. As soon as the company structure is up and running we will begin to announce these open source projects, opening repositories and seeking contributors and collaborators. Finally we are hoping to host a launch event (launching the company not rockets!) towards the end of April or early May and are negotiating to host this exciting event at the fabulous MSPARC facility up here in North Wales. More soon.