We are really pleased to announce we now have an online design calculator for designing annular parachutes as well as a repository with a python script for those who want to tinker with the code. Click the link above to visit the web calculator and follow this link for the python repository.

Our first opensource hardware project is a simple small PCB for igniting e-matches that are used in deployment systems in high power and research rocketry. It's a useful little module that may form part of people test set ups or indeed part of a modular flight computer system. Check out the repository by clicking the title above.

We are really interested to gather anonymous data on all types of rocketry flight including, Model/Low Power, Mid Power and High Power amateur as well as research, experimental and even commercial flights. We would love it if you follow the link in the title and submit a flight log for any rocket flights you have flown. Periodically we will publish a round of statistics and anyone can make a request for us to pull some data from the research.